How to stop your period ?

how to stop your period

The menstruation cycle is one of the most important functions of a lady’s body and it continues until the process of menopause sets in. It begins when a girl attain puberty and ends when her menopause sets in. It repeats every twenty one to forty five days and it normally occurs every month. The menstrual cycle period extends from three to seven days and if you experiences longer days of discharge, then you need to know how to stop your period early. When you begin to search for the best practice of how to stop your period early, you will find some of these answers:

One of the best ways to stop your period early is to achieve orgasms and have sexual stimulation. In your search to find out how to stop your period early you may find this answer of getting an orgasm and getting aroused as the best way to do it a little surprising. When you achieve orgasms, the contractions that occur in your genital area and the uterus make the discharge faster and once all the cleaning is done, the discharge gets lighter and even the period of your discharge gets shorter. So engage in sexual activities by sexual intercourse or masturbation to shorten your period days.

As you continue to search, you will be glad to know that you can shorten your period by doing more exercises that you normally love. When you engage in running or in cardio vascular workouts or other kind of sports during the month, you should expect to get a short menstrual period with minimal discharge. It’s important that you continue working out even during the time of cycle to achieve continuous effect.

In you search for the best method of how to shorten your period; you will find that you need to have balanced hormones in your body. Menstruation process is a combination of different hormones and thus, there must be a perfect balance for the normal period to occur. Specifically, you need to have the right level of progesterone in your body during this time of the month. Certain medical and herbs substances have been found to be very effective in achieving this. For example, chaste berry is one of the best substances that can help in normalize the levels of progesterone and prolactin in your body during your menstrual cycle and thus experience lighter discharge and shorter periods

Another method of how to stop your period early is to use birth control pills. You will be happy to note that the pills that you use to prevent unwanted pregnancy can help you to shorten your period. Oral contraception is designed so as to stop the process of ovulation and most birth control pills gives the result of reduced bleeding during menstruation cycle and thus short periods.

The other method you will find to be of great help is to use reusable menstrual products. Women who use reusable products reports that that they experiences shorter and lighter periods. They include sea sponges, menstrual cups and washable cloth pads.